Freedom from Evil Spirits


Released from Fear, Addiction & the Devil

Pat Collins CM


244 pp

ISBN  9781782183525


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Written from personal experience, this book by Fr Collins is a guide on how we can free ourselves from the many debilitating influences that can take a stronghold in our lives. He attempts to offer practical advice to readers on how to overcome fear, addiction, and oppressive evil spirits.

Coping with his own fears and anxieties, his research into the kinds of addictions that can ruin lives, and his own encounters with evil through his work as an exorcist formed the basis for this book.

Many Irish people believe in the devil’s existence and Pope Francis often talks about his malignant influence in the world. While Fr Collins says possession is a very rare occurrence, he is regularly contacted by people who in their own minds believe – rightly or wrongly – that they’re afflicted by an evil spirit, and this book hopes to offer support to those who feel they have no one to turn to.

About the Author

Fr Pat Collins CM is an Irish Vincentian priest based in Dublin. He is a speaker, retreat leader and author of many books on spirituality. Fr Collins is a member of the New Springtime Community and one of the few priests in the country with experience as an exorcist.

Irish exorcist explains need for freedom from evil spirits

Renowned Irish exorcist Fr Pat Collins explains why he wrote his bestselling book Freedom from Evil Spirits. Following a gripping television interview on the Late Late Show in which the Dublin-based priest claimed that a “tsunami of evil is washing over Ireland”, Fr Collins’ publishers Columba Books saw a huge surge of interest in this unparalleled book, which then sold out just five days later. The book is now on its third print due to the continuing demand.

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