Looking to find God in the ordinary

Looking to find God in the ordinary

Where I Find God is a collection of writings about the place of God in the lives of some of Ireland’s greatest thinkers and writers. These writings are accompanied by breath-taking photographs of stunning landscapes, scenes of nature, and moments that capture something of the spirit of humanity. These images serve to complement and enhance the writing, capturing the splendour of God’s creations. With contributors such as Mary McAleese, Joe Duffy, Daniel O’Leary, Fr Brian D’Arcy, Brent Pope, Fr Peter McVerry and Sr Stan, there are a huge variety of perspectives in the reflections on how they personally encounter God in their everyday lives. Editors Cora Guinnane and Joanne O’Brien describe the book as “an effort to combine the many lived experiences of God.”

Cover of Where I Find God

In her foreword, Mary McAleese writes that Where I Find God captures “the spirituality of those living in twenty-first century Ireland who believe in God. There is not much sign of a remote fearsome God but here is instead hope in a loving, caring God who dwells with us and all around us.”

With the multitude of writings and the beautiful photographs of the world at our doorstep, McAleese sees this as a book about finding God in “the ordinary and the everyday, in the joys and griefs, in the easy days and the days we cannot bear to face.”

The editors of the book hope that by reading this book, by dipping in and out of it when in need of comfort, that “this book allows you to slow down a little, find some quiet time and the opportunity to reflect on where you find God.” They have also provided space at the back of the book for the reader to write about where they find God in their own lives.

All royalties from the sale of the book go to the Peter McVerry Trust and Focus Ireland, to help fight homelessness in Ireland.

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