Where I Find God


Cora Guinnane & Joanne O’Brien
120 pp
ISBN 9781782183075

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Where I Find God is a thought-provoking book where many of Ireland’s finest thinkers share where they have found, and continue to find, the Divine in their lives. The book includes contributions by Mary McAleese, Brent Pope, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy and Fr Peter McVerry amongst others, in which they reflect on where they encounter God. These encounters can be provoked by both positive circumstances – in the midst of great beauty, or through human relationships – as well as by the pain and suffering which we all inevitably face at some point in our lives. Their reflections are accompanied by photographs that both complement and enhance the inspirational prose.

Whether you follow a particular religion or interpret God in a broader sense, Where I Find God is truly a treat for the soul, a work that causes the reader to pause and reflect on their own unique spiritual experiences.

About the Authors

Cora Guinnane is a secondary school teacher and chaplain, and was chairperson of the Chaplains Association of Ireland from 2007 to 2009. She previously published The People’s Prayers.

Joanne O’Brien is also a secondary school teacher. She was the ‘brains’ behind the book Dyslexic Brains Learn Differently, a book by children describing their experiences with dyslexia that was inspired by her eleven-year-old daughter.

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