Fr Pat Collins talks exorcism on Newstalk

Fr Pat Collins talks exorcism on Newstalk


A few months ago, Fr Pat Collins, author of Freedom from Evil Spirits, sat down with Newstalk FM and gave a brief overview of his job as an exorcist, as well as his book.

Freedom from Evil Spirits is a guide on how we can free ourselves from the many debilitating influences that can take a stronghold in our lives, from fear and addiction to oppressive evil spirits. Written from his personal experience of dealing with his own fears and anxieties, his research into the various forms of addiction that can ruin lives, and his encounters with evil through his work as an exorcist, Fr Collins offers practical advice on how to overcome these afflictions.

Fr Pat Collins is an Irish Vincentian priest based in Dublin. He is a member of the New Springtime Community and one of the few priests in the country with experience as an exorcist.

To buy his book, visit here.

Video credit: Newstalk FM YouTube Channel