A Meaningful Gift for Mom

A Meaningful Gift for Mom

Often the most gracious and kind-hearted person in our lives, our mother deserves the best gifts money can buy. Books can be beautiful and very meaningful presents for the most important woman in your life and with that in mind we’ve carefully curated a list of positive and uplifting titles below with wonderful meditations on life and thought provoking affirmations of faith. This Mother’s Day, treat your mother to some of our thoughtful books below:

Harvesting Hope

Anthony de Mello

Harvesting Hope with Anthony de Mello looks at the areas of hope and fear which can come into our lives from the stresses and strains of our life today. Anthony de Mello, one of the finest spiritual teachers of modern times, and Fr John Callanan, an Irish Jesuit, outline how to deal with these darker moments.


The Sacred Life of Everything

Sr Stan and Síle Wall

A stunning collection of meditations using poems, reflections and photographs, the book claims that if you take the time to pay attention to the world around you, you can discover the sacred in the ordinary and mundane.Tapping into the everyday moments that can be precious and awe-inspiring, this book is designed to give you a greater sense of presence and inner peace.


The Heavenly Habit

Daniel O’Leary

Amazing Grace! Nothing is beautiful or imaginative enough to do justice to the heavenly habit of a transforming grace – the grace that finds light in the darkest soul. In this little book 10 artists offer their best efforts to capture the experience of that blessing in their own lives.


Where I Find God

Joanne Guinnane & Joanne O’Brien

Where I Find God is a thought-provoking book where many of Ireland’s finest thinkers share where they have found, and continue to find, the Divine in their lives. Whether you follow a particular religion or interpret God in a broader sense, Where I Find God is truly a treat for the soul, a work that causes thereader to pause and reflect on their own unique spiritual experiences.


Travelling Light

Daniel O’Leary

This book is written from within, inspired by the author’s own soul’s journey. It is drawn from a theology of creation and a spirituality of the heart.

This is a prime example of the “ordinariness of the sacred” that so many people need today.


Maranatha Yoga

Christine Pickering

Christine Pickering pens an illustrated, practical handbook that incorporates Christian spirituality with postures and meditations as a means of connecting with our spiritual selves.The physicality of the asanas with the mindful, meditative qualities of  Christian reflections allows the reader to connect with their inner selves and reconcile the misconceptions regarding yoga in Christianity.


Mindful Meditations for the Everyday

Sister Stan

Sr Stan presents us with this little gem of a book, filled with meditations and reflections based on her own life and her role as a mentor in mindfulness. Learn to relish the simple things, such as the breath or the senses, how to relax, and simply be in the present moment.


Prism of Love

Daniel O’Leary

This book contains sixty-eight short, reflective meditations that can be easily incorporated in our daily life to help understand the world around us, drawing us closer to revelation, to God’s love, to the beauty of creation, and to each other.