O’Leary’s parting gift – a message of faith

O’Leary’s parting gift – a message of faith

A human and honest response to the news of a cancer diagnosis, Dancing to my Death is Daniel O’Leary’s final book concluding his spiritual journey on earth. As a priest and teacher, Daniel’s books, retreats and guidance have always inspired people deeply, and this incredibly moving account is no different.

Completed just before his death in January 2019 his book is an incredibly raw and courageous account detailing Daniel’s thoughts and feelings during his cancer journey. It pulls no punches in terms of Daniel’s struggles to cope with his diagnosis, the challenges of cancer treatment and the emotional rollercoaster of facing his own death. During his final illness Daniel re-examined his faith through a new lens as he put his trust in God, discovering what was really important to him. Written as a journal, he chronicles the ebbs and flows of his journey and, in an honest, unfiltered way, works through his questions and his doubts, coming to a level of understanding, trust and acceptance. O’Leary not only gives you insight into the darkness of human insecurity, but how it is juxtaposed and overpowered by the light of God’s love.  He adapts the message of the Habit trilogy into a Dance by rehabilitating his trust in his lead – God.

Dancing to my Death, Daniel O'Leary book coverFr Brian D’Arcy said of the book: “During his final illness he was gifted with immense clarity about what is important and what is not. That is why this book is his greatest and his most inspirational. It is a fitting summation of his beautiful life.”

Sr Stan writes in her foreword to the book: “He chronicled what was happening to him, the pain, the suffering, the darkness, but he also shared with great conviction what sustained him during that time … It is the story of faith, love and trust. This book is an extraordinary inspiration for everyone.”

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