New way of learning from Daniel O’Leary

New way of learning from Daniel O’Leary

Following the huge success of his book, An Astonishing Secret, Daniel O’Leary has now brought out an online video course. The course is called ‘An Astonishing Secret: Glimpses Of Incarnation’, and is made up of ten episodes which explore themes similar to those in his book. The course offers precious and life-changing insights about Creation, Incarnation and our own divine hearts. Shedding radical new light on the moment, 2,000 years ago, when God was revealed in the world, it is a chance to reframe the story of Christ in our everyday lives.

Daniel O'LearySome of the subjects discussed in the course include an awareness of our inter-connectedness with all creation, the divine beauty in our human hearts and a new way of seeing the sacredness of every creature. Each of these subjects are also interwoven through Daniel’s book, An Astonishing Secret.

The first forty-minute episode of the course is called ‘Love Changes Everything’. In the video, Daniel explains how your life will change when you begin to believe that God is not ‘out there’ any more, that God is the unconditional love that lives intimately within your heart, and in the heart of the world.

The first episode is free to watch. It gives you a taste of what is to come in the rest of the videos if you choose to sign up. These highly rewarding videos are filled valuable information and are a great way to explore your religious beliefs.

These ten episodes are an exciting and comforting way to see life and your spirituality. If you want to watch the first video of the course for free or learn how to register for the full course you can click here.

To buy your own copy of Daniel O’Leary’s book, An Astonishing Secret, click here.