Finding Hope reviewed in Meath Chronicle

Finding Hope reviewed in Meath Chronicle

First Chapter

March 2023

This is another elegantly presented book following on Sr Stan’s previous book, Finding Peace. The here is the same idea she adopted for Finding Peace in that she has written to various people, some very well known worldwide (like for instance the Dalai Lama) and other closer to home who may not be so famous (like Mary Lou MacDonald!) with a simple question; what do they do to find hope in their busy lives?

The responses are as diverse as the people themselves, and there are some surprising words from, for instance, some well-known reporters who deliver the news every day and still, somehow, find room for hope. Who said hacks are cynics?

Each short essay is accompanied by an inspirational quotation and a short line from the Bible, and I must say books like this really can inspire, whether we have a strong religious or none at all. Working as Sr Stan does with the homeless and disenfranchised, it’s hard to know where she finds hope, but she does.

She is ever hopeful. And so all the contributors to this gorgeous book. I’d recommend having it to hand, maybe on your bedside table on the kitchen shelf, somewhere it can easily be found. And take note of the entries that sing to you. We could all do with an extra dollop hope.

Finding Hope compiled by Sr Stan is available here.