The Lenten journey we each undertake

The Lenten journey we each undertake

In the last couple of weeks of Lent, let us reflect on the Lenten journey and bring the lessons forward to Easter and through the whole year. Knock Prayer Book provides us with reflections on Jesus’ journey with the cross, and what these messages mean to our own lives.

“Jesus help me take up my cross and follow you. That cross may be for me ill-health, financial difficulties or having to suffer from the defects of others. Help me to accept my cross and carry it with you so that my feet may be then surely set on the road of salvation.”

“Jesus it was not the weight of the cross alone but of my sins which caused you to fall. help me never to fall into serious sin but to watch and pray so that I may be delivered from the power of the evil one.”

Knock Prayer Book

“Mary, my mother, it was prophesied that Jesus was to be a sign that would be rejected. If I have ever rejected him in any way I now confess my sorrow. Grant me to repent of my sins, and to be truly reconciled to the love of your Son.”

“Jesus, your apostle Paul has said: “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.”  (Gal. 6, 2) Grant that I may always try to bear with the faults of others. May I do all in my power to ease the burden of those who carry the cross after you. Let my sharing in their burdens be the fulfilling of your law.”

“Jesus, if I should fall beneath the cross of suffering or of sorrow, give me the courage to rise again and to follow bravely after you.”

“Jesus, if I should ever fall into serious sin grant that I may not remain in that miserable state. May I, like you, rise to my feet and return to be reconciled to your loving forgiveness.”

Let us consider these reflections and hold them in our hearts as we move forward towards Holy Week.

If you would like more prayers and reflections for every time of year the Knock Prayer Book, by Fr Richard Gibbons, can be bought here.