Sometimes we can struggle with prayer

Finding time for authentic prayer can be difficult. Often times during prayer, we can lose sight of our goal in enhancing our relationship with God. There can be distractions, a lack of energy or a feeling that what you’re really praying about feels too manufactured.

John Callanan’s book, Harvesting Hope with Anthony de Mello covers this very subject and the author offers the following list of questions which could help the next time you find yourself struggling with your prayers. Harvesting Hope with Anthony de Mello Cover

  • Was I too tired?
  • Was the place too noisy?
  • Did I manage to enter into a prayerful disposition?
  • Can I use any insights gained on future occasions?
  • Did I prepare carefully?
  • Did I rush the session?
  • What was the subject matter of my prayer?
  • Was there anything in my prayer that disturbed me?
  • Did I understand why I was troubled at that particular point?
  • Was there any point at which I seemed to come up against a block?
  • Did I manage to address myself directly to God – with words or without words?
  • When do I plan to make my next prayer period?
  • What would I like to use as material for that?


If you would like to purchase Harvesting Hope with Anthony de Mello, you can do so here.