Where Three Streams Meet


Celtic Christianity
Seán Ó Duinn
336 Pages
ISBN: 9781856072885

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The concept of two worlds – the divine and the human – the peopling of megalithic shrines such as Newgrange with Celtic gods and goddesses, the journeying between worlds which characterises so much of Celtic Mythology, provide a supernatural atmosphere akin to the more mystical expressions of Christianity. Sean O Duinn provides a comprehensive overview of many aspects of Celtic spirituality – the landscape of Ireland with its megalithic tombs and stone circles; the origins of the Celtic people, the Paidreacha Dúchais or folk prayers, the importance of the ‘Laoch’ or warrior, the connections between the current experience of Good Friday and Easter Sunday and the Celtic traditions, the significance of bonfires at Bealtaine and Samhain are all explored. The book comes in three parts: Part 1. Who Were the Celts? Part 11. Celtic Echoes in Gaelic Tradition Part 111. The Celtic Year and the Liturgical Year

Sean O Duinn is a popular speaker and gives frequent workshops on aspects of Celtic Spirituality throughout Ireland.

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