Voices from the Desert


The Lost Legacy of the Skelligs
Hugh MacMahon
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ISBN 9781782183808

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The legacy of Skelligs and other famous monastic settlements in Ireland is remarkably brought alive in the writings of a young monk who travelled the deserts of Egypt to discover the origins and practices of the movement which inspired them. In 384 AD, John Cassian began his 24 interviews with famous Desert Fathers and recorded them in The Conferences which had a profound effect on spiritual life in Western Europe, especially in Ireland.

What the Desert Fathers had to say about Christianity and their own spiritual practices is as relevant now as it has been through the ages. Despite the many visible changes in the world, the inner hopes and struggles of humans remain unchanged. Voices from the Desert presents an authentic understanding of Christianity separate from the institutional and theological prisms that came later. Individuals looking for a fresh view of what it means to be a Christian, or to understand the Skelligs’ legacy, will appreciate its authenticity, clarity and relevance.

About the Author

Hugh MacMahon completed his Asian studies in Ottawa, Canada. He has spent most of his life in Korea and China exploring the roots of Asian culture and the influence they still have on the development of some of the world’s most vibrant nations. Upon returning to Ireland he began examining his own national heritage to identify its sources and what they might have to offer society today. He has written on culture for a number of Korean magazines and previously published Guest From The West and The Scrutable Oriental.

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