The Way We Were


Centenary Essays on Catholic Ireland
Mary Kenny
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ISBN 9781782183860

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At a time when the values of Catholic Ireland are so often viewed in a negative, even hostile, light, Mary Kenny’s approach is a balanced and measured recollection of the Ireland of our times – and of times past, since the foundation of the Irish state a hundred years ago.
She focuses on the people and personalities involved in our social history, seeing Ireland from 1922 to 2022 through their stories, and the events in which they were involved.

Yes, there have been stark failings in Irish society, involving the position and power of the Catholic church, and these must be honestly described. Yet our values, our heritage, our own family members also included many kind, intelligent and patriotic people doing their best, who built up the Irish state from a fragile beginning.

Mary interweaves some of her own life-experiences, and the people she knew into this complex portrait of Irish life providing a stimulating, informative and enjoyable read.

About the author

Mary Kenny is an Irish journalist, broadcaster and playwright. A founding member of the Irish Women’s Liberation Movement, she
was one of the country’s first and foremost feminists and has been described as “the grand dame of Irish journalism”. Kenny has written for numerous broadsheet publications including the Irish Independent, The Times, The Guardian and The Irish Catholic. She has written books on feminism, Catholicism in Ireland and a personal biography of William Joyce. She has previously published A Day at a Time with Columba Books.

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