The Quiet Revolution


Rediscovering Adult Faith in the Modern World
Peter Hannan SJ
144 Pages
ISBN 9781856077187

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This book is about a momentous choice which faces each of us today, between two cultures or ways of seeing life and what is important. The two are bidding for our allegiance and each proposes its own distinctive vision, value system and lifestyle. One culture makes a priority of material things, of what we have and the work we do. This is the dominant culture today and since it has little time for the inner, spiritual world, it leaves a vacuum at the heart of society. The alternative culture makes a priority of the love which the three persons of the Trinity reveal to us and of the relationships with ourselves, others and all things their love draws us into. Since the first of these two ways of viewing life and what is important is firmly established, to choose the second one will involve us in the revolutionary change of mind and heart Jesus calls for. The nature of this quiet revolution, the time, energy and resources it demands is the central theme of this book.

Peter Hannan SJ has written eight books on two themes: one is the passionate desire of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to reveal their love to us and the other is their passionate desire that we enter into the relationships with ourselves, with others and with all creation that their love seeks to establish and maintain. All eight books have been published by Columba Press.

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