The Jesus Reader

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The Teaching and Identity of Jesus Christ
Tom Carty
ISBN 9781856078771

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Jesus Christ is a fascinating and attractive figure but many hesitate to find out more about him because of suspicion born of over-insistent and simplistic preaching or highly dogmatic teaching about him.

He is worth revisiting. These carefully-chosen readings permit the contemporary and near-contemporary followers who recorded what he said and did to give you their view of his identity in their own words. Collections of sayings form part of the earliest tradition upon which the New Testament authors drew, and the book also aims to let you hear his teachings in his own distinctive voice.

Whether you are a Christian believer, a would-be believer or an ex-believer; whether you simply aren’t sure what you believe, belong to another faith, or would define yourself as an agnostic or atheist, you can be assured that this book respects your views. It does not try to convert you to any particular beliefs about Jesus. It will, however, help you to make up your own mind about him.

The readings come with full introductions and helpful explanatory notes. They can be dipped into or read continuously and are also suitable for meditation and Bible study, whether on your own or in a group.

Tom Carty was born in Liverpool. He studied languages at Oxford and taught in secondary and higher education in both the UK and Germany. Tom’s doctorate is in German history and he has a longstanding interest in German theology. Now retired, he currently works as an editor and writer of teaching and learning materials. He has practised reading-based meditation, both in a group and individually, for many years. Tom is married with 4 children and 6 grandchildren

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