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The Haunted Inkwell


Art and Our Future
Mark Patrick Hederman
280 Pages
ISBN: 9781856073479

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What is the future for civilisation as we begin the 21st century? This book suggests that one of our surest guides could be art. Most interesting spiritual exploration of the last century was carried out by artists even though many of these were ignored or condemned. Taking a line from James Joyce as his title, the author shows how art can be our compass in destitute times. He uses the works of James Joyce, Rainer Maria Rilke, Wole Soyinka, Iris Murdoch and Seamus Heaney to illustrate how this can be done. This book concerns a possible meeting place between philosophy, literary criticism, art and truth. Poetry, according to Mark Patrick Hederman, if understood in a certain way, is where the truth of Being manifests itself at the beginning of the 21st century. If this is the case then poetry is far too important a matter to be left to the so called experts. It concerns each one of us as each one of us is required to understand why we are alive at this moment on this planet.

Mark Patrick Hederman is the Abbot of Glenstal Abbey for over thirty years. Formerly headmaster of the school, he has lectured in philosophy and literature in America and Nigeria, as well as in Ireland. A founding editor of the cultural journal The Crane Bag, he is also the author of Manikon Eros: Mad Crazy Love and Kissing the Dark.

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