The Everyday Journey


Acknowledging the Integrity of Creation
Betty Maher
96 Pages
ISBN 9781856073462

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Betty Maher is well-known to both readers and radio listeners for her very accessible reflections on the presence of God in our everyday lives. Two main themes run through this collection of short reflections: first, the astonishing constancy of the presence of a loving Creator – if we will only take the time to be aware of that presence; and second, the absolute dependence of all of us on that Creator and on each and every other created thing, human and otherwise. The world population increases with ever greater speed and our cities grow apace. Our buildings get higher, our highways grow wider, and those who live in such environments move ever further from the remembrance of the feel of walking on wet grass; of brown soil beneath fingernails; of the sound of waves breaking on the shore. And we are the poorer for that. The further our busy lives remove us from these things the harder it is for us to maintain a sense of wonder, and the less we are likely to be able to appreciate not only the immense beauty of the universe but also the extraordinary interconnectedness of everything and everyone with everything and everyone else – and the extravagant loving kindness of the only Absolute, who holds all of these myriad complexities in being and without which nothing could be. In these reflections, the author has attempted to recall certain moments in her life when by endeavouring to tune into the deeper meaning of small events – ‘listening to the music behind the words’ – the wonder of creation has been brought into sharp focus for her.

Betty Maher was born and lives in Dublin. This is her third book.

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