The Brendan Book of Prayer

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For Small Groups
James O’Halloran SDB
143 pp
ISBN 9781856076265

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The reality of small groups, for religious and civil purposes, is growing apace in Ireland and in the world at large. Sometimes, the groups of a religious nature are at a loss as to what to do in their meetings. The Brendan Book of Prayer is tailor-made for their needs. It helps them to engage constructively with the gospel and base their prayers, spontaneous and other, in the word of God.

The volume is aptly named for St Brendan, because the early Irish monks favoured a community model of church. They would look kindly on the small groups and communities emerging in our own day.

About the Author

James O’Halloran is a Salesian priest who has been involved with small groups for most of his life. During the past thirty years, however, his specific apostolate has been the fostering of these small groups worldwide, as member, co-ordinator, and promoter. He is the author of Small Christian Communities: Vision and Practicalities (2002).

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