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The Need for Reform
Paul Robbins
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The Catholic Church claims for itself the title of the true Christian Church founded by Jesus by the mandate he gave on various occasions to Peter, the first pope, and the other apostles, who were the first bishops. To them was entrusted the management of the Church in such a way that it would assist the disciples, who are you and me, to find God in our lives and be faithful to his commandments. That is the mission of the Church; to assist each person to unity with God.

Through his promotion of a synodal Church, Pope Francis has shown that he is willing to hear the Holy Spirit speaking through each member of the Church.

Society has undergone great change in recent decades and there is need for reform within the Catholic Church as well. This reform should include changes to those aspects of its teachings and practices that currently restrict the freedom of the Holy Spirit to give life to the Church.

About the author

Paul Robbins is a laicised Catholic priest. His finalstudies were in canon law and his ministry as a priest focused largely on processing marriage nullity cases in the diocesan tribunal. After seeking voluntary laicisation in 1991 and a few years in an unrelated profession, his local bishop gave him employment in the diocesan tribunal as a canon lawyer, again processing marriage nullity applications.

He has written a number of published articles and a book on the subject of nullity of marriage.

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