Saving Sport

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Sport, Society and Spirituality
Kevin O’Gorman SMA
144 Pages
ISBN 9781856076708

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Sport has a huge following in modern society, events on and off the field generating intense emotional excitement all round. Corporate sponsorship of individuals and teams pours vast amounts of money into advertising on the pitch, in print and through television. Borrowing the language of religion, the media hyping of sport holds up its stadia as cathedrals, its stars as saviours and icons, and heralds its successes as redemption. It is not surprising that some see this part of popular culture as a new religion. There is a long tradition of theology adopting and analysing sport. Saint Paul used it as a metaphor for the Christian journey, while Pope John Paul II understood sport as contributing to human excellence and solidarity. The general loss of a sense of the sacred leads to the question of whether sport is now becoming a substitute for spirituality. Saving Sport explores key questions about the experience of sport, and its expression by the media, in the conversation between church and society on faith and culture.

About the Author

Born Tipperary Town in 1957, Kevin O’Gorman is a priest of the Society of African Missions (SMA). He studied at UCC, St Patrick\’s College Maynooth, Gregorian University and the Alphonsianum in Rome. He has lectured in theology in South Africa, in All Hallows College, Kimmage Mission Institute and Milltown Institute in Dublin. Presently he is a lecturer in moral theology at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth.

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