Praying Body and Soul


Methods and Practices of Anthony De Mello
Gabriel Galache SJ Ed.
ISBN 9781856071956

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This is a reprint of the Anthony de Mello’s classic Praying Body and Soul, adapted and enlarged by Gabriel Galache. It is a step-by-step exercise book integrating the Christian tradition of contemplation and the Eastern wisdom of meditation.

Each of the 43 chapters of Praying Body and Soul, guides the reader through a physical awareness exercise, contemplates specific texts from the Bible, then concludes with a short story.  The texts, adapted and enlarged from a retreat given by Anthony de Mello to Jesuits in Rome, draw from the clarity of the Ignatian exercises and reflect a long experience with prayer and meditation in today’s modern world.

About the Author

Anthony de Mello became famous across the world for the innovative way in which he shared and taught spirituality.  His stories and spiritual guidance, grounded in everyday experiences, are both provocative and full of humour.  Fr de Mello teaches us to appreciate reality, and to distinguish illusion from consciousness, inspiration from hallucination, and dependency from freedom.

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