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A School for Prayer and Reflection
Peter Hannan
176 Pages
ISBN 9781856073417

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This book is based on the belief that the three persons of the Trinity want to reveal themselves to you. They can do this only if you learn to listen and respond to this revelation through prayer and reflection.

The primary purpose of the 22 exercises in the book is to provide a school in which the reader can learn, using a step by step approach, to reflect and pray. Through reflection, the reader will notice and articulate what is revealed and through prayer will savour and assimilate this.

This school for reflection and prayer may also be used as a preparation for the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. These provide a well-tried way of entering into the fullness of Christian life.

To learn the skills of reflection and prayer, and to move on to the Spiritual Exercises, does not require the reader to take time out or to be apart in solitude. You can do all this on the basis of a period of prayer each day in your own home and at a time that suits you. Moreover, you can adjust the pace at which you do these Exercises to suit your own needs.

About the Author

Peter Hannan has written eight books on the theme of passion of the Father, of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit to reveal themselves to us. All eight have been published by Columba Press.

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