Nine Faces of God


Peter Hannan
312 Pages
ISBN 9781856075961

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Each of us comes to this book with his or her own ingrained images of God. Some of these images are inherited and some are of our own making; some are true and some are false. Although we are not always aware of these false images, they are the main reason why we have difficulty relating with or believing in God. This is why the essential thing Jesus asks us to do is to rid ourselves of these false images of God and learn to believe in the good news of God’s love for us (Mk 1:15).

This book is based on the belief that God wants to reveal himself as love to each person. It takes nine aspects or ‘faces’ of this love portrayed for us in the Word of God, each of which we need for our journey through life. Some of these we need when we are children, some as adults and some if our love is to reach maturity. The book also suggests a way of absorbing this love so that we might live our lives in an environment created and sustained by it.

About the Author

Peter Hannan has written seven books on the theme of the passion of the Father, of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit to reveal themselves to us. All seven have been published by Columba Press.

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