New Life for Old

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The Human and Spiritual Journey – Revised and Expanded Edition
Vincent MacNamara
ISBN 9781782180197

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New Life for Old plots the human journey from old to new, from small and inauthentic living to wholesome and authentic living, from small desires to the great longings of our souls. It is a book that is deeply rooted in human experience.

The book gently encourages an awareness both of the patterns which block our openness to richer life, and of the wonder and mystery of the human person. It is an invitation and a guide to mindful living. It considers the significance of such a mindful lifestyle for religion and morally, arguing that  both need to dialogue more closely with human experience and with the great psychological and spiritual traditions.

This is a book for anyone who has an interest in the spiritual longing that is so palpable today or who looks for a hopeful approach to religious and moral issues. The new edition develops further the themes of he earlier work and adds new material, especially regarding the spirituality/religion issue and he journey to a meditative way of life.

About the Author

Vincent MacNamara is a well-known theologian and lecturer. He is the author of Faith and Ethics: Recent Roman Catholicism, The Truth in Love: Reflections on Christian Morality, and The Call to Be Human: Making Sense of Morality.

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