Mystics: The Beauty of Prayer


Craig Larkin, S.M.


272 Pages

ISBN: 9781782183273


Marist priest Craig Larkin loved the mystery and beauty of prayer. Written shortly before his death, this book draws on a lifetime’s dedication to prayer and a deep knowledge of the mystics and spiritual masters built up over many years of study and reflection.

Throughout history, writes Craig, there have been countless people who have experienced God in liberating and joyful ways. Foremost among them are the mystics and spiritual teachers of the Church, who “have experienced God as someone who has set them free and brought light to their lives.”

MysticsThe Beauty of Prayer provides a fascinating introduction to 20 mystics and spiritual teachers, like St Augustine, Julian of Norwich, Dante and Teresa of Avila. A gifted teacher and communicator, Craig also offers a series of down-to-earth reflections on how these profound insights can transform our lives into the vibrant and passionate life the Gospels promise.

About the Author

Craig Larkin was a former Provincial of the Society of Mary in New Zealand, Vicar General of the Society of Mary, an author, Marist novice-master and a popular lecturer in spiritual theology for many years. He was very involved in formation programmes in New Zealand and internationally.

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