Mind and Spirit


Spirituality and Psychology in Dialogue
Pat Collins CM
208 Pages
ISBN: 9781856075428

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Preface by Dr Jack Dominian. While institutional religion seems to be in decline, interest in spirituality is increasing. Believing that grace builds on nature, Mind and Spirit describes the pitfalls and potentials involved in the growing relationship between psychology and spirituality. It explores such diverse subjects as neuro-theology and spiritual intelligence; the paranormal and exorcism; the spiritual implications of near-death experiences; the psycho-spiritual biographies of saintly people; the influence of psychologists on Alcoholics Anonymous; and the connection between wholeness and holiness. In the Preface, Dr Jack Dominian says that this book is \’important … a very useful and erudite introduction … that carefully unpacks the relationship between psychology and spirituality.\’ This fascinating book combines learning, insight and intriguing anecdote in a way that will prove helpful to the spiritual pilgrims of our time.

Pat Collins CM, an Irish Vincentian, lectures on spirituality and the psychology of religion in Dublin and is the author of numerous books including Prayer in Practice (The Columba Press, 2000) and The Broken Image (The Columba Press, 2002).

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