Matthew: Sage Theologian


The Jesus of Matthew
Wilfrid Harrington OP
120 Pages
ISBN 9781856072458

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The Synoptic Gospels are notably similar. At the same time, their distinctive differences underline the individuality of the three evangelists and clearly point to the exuberant pluralism of New Testament theology and, more specifically, Christology. Matthew’s portrait of Jesus is coloured by two factors. He is a committed Jewish-Christian, wholly convinced that Jesus is the Messiah of Jewish hope and expectation. As a member of a predominantly Jewish-Christian community, he is grieved by the antagonism of contemporary official Judaism. Matthew’s Jesus, while prophet and healer, is more firmly in the line of the sages of Israel. He is pre-eminently a teacher. Like the other titles in this series, Mark: Realistic Theologian (1996) and Luke: Gracious Theologian (1997), this book is simply and clearly written and will be invaluable to all who preach or teach or simply want to understand better the gospel of Matthew.

About the Author

Wilfrid John Harrington is an Irish Dominican. His theological studies were done in Rome and his biblical studies at the Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem. He is Professor of Scripture at the Dominican House of Studies, Dublin, Senior Lecturer at the Milltown Institute of Theology, and visiting lecturer at the University of Dublin. He has taught summer courses in the United States regularly since 1965.

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