Joyfully Sharing the Gospel


An Introduction to Evangeli Gaudium
Desmond O’Donnell
ISBN 9781782181804

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Something of great significance is taking place in the Catholic Church. A new man, Pope Francis, has been chosen as the bishop of Rome, to lead the universal church.

In The Joy of the Gospel, his first apostolic exhortation, Pope Francis has issued a powerful call to all Christians, reminding us of our common mission and our common faith. He proclaims that joy is the first and irreplaceable response to the Gospel, the message of Jesus and for a church whose ‘doors should always be open’.

This book is your guide to Pope Francis’ words. Along with significant quotations, it has a unique index to all the important themes that will guide you to an enhanced and more enjoyable reading, and a deeper understanding of Evangelii Gaudium, The Joy of the Gospel.

Desmond O’Donnell O.M.I. is an Oblate priest who has spent twenty-eight years in Australia and twelve years on the General Administration of his congregation. His previous books include, To Stay a Believer, The Lifegiving Word and God is Love, all published by The Columba Press.

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