eBook Gold Collection


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Brian D’Arcy

ISBN 9781782183471

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For more than four decades Fr Brian D’Arcy has been writing a weekly column in the Sunday World and broadcasting on RTÉ and BBC radio, inspiring, challenging and entertaining all those who have encountered his unique way of spreading the Gospel message. His words come straight from his heart and speak directly to yours, with an unerring ability to hit the mark.

The Gold Collection is a thoughtful distillation of the huge pastoral resource Fr D’Arcy has created over almost half a century. The pieces included here are the most representative, most incisive and most helpful examples of his columns and broadcasts throughout the years.

Whether you need advice, consolation, guidance in prayer or just the occasional good laugh, you’ll find them all in the pages of this book. So, read, pray, laugh – and, above all, enjoy!

Fr Brian D’Arcy is a weekly columnist for the Sunday World and a former radio presenter for BBC Northern Ireland. He serves as a Passionist Priest at Tobar Mhuire and his most recent of three books with Columba Books is the bestseller Gold Collection.