Edward J. Byrne, 1872-1941


The Forgotten Archbishop of Dublin
Thomas J. Morrissey SJ
312 Pages
ISBN 9781856077033

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Archbishop of Dublin in 1921,¬†Edward J. Byrne remained in office until his death in 1940. He ruled during the new Irish Free State that emerged from the Civil War, through the change of government in 1932 and right up to the adoption of De Valera’s Constitution of 1937.

On the ecclesiastical side, his reign covered the two massive celebrations of the time, the centenary celebrations for Catholic Emancipation in 1929 and the Eucharistic Congress of 1932, one of the first major international events in the history of the newly founded state.

This biography of ‘The Forgotten Archbishop’ is an intriguing look at the ups and downs of the new state as well as an unusual insight into the clerical and ecclesiastical culture of the age just before the advent of John Charles McQuaid.

About the Author

Thomas J. Morrissey, S.J., is a native of Limerick and was founder-headmaster of Crescent College Comprehensive, and subsequently director of the National College of Industrial Relations, Dublin. He has a life-long interest in history, and his NUI degrees and PhD are in history.

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