eBook Tired of all the Bad News


Disclaimer: This is an electronical book, not a physical book.

Fr Bryan Shortall
110 pp
ISBN: 9781782183044

Two formats provided: epub (for all eBook readers but kindle) & mobi (for kindle)

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Too much negativity plays havoc with our spirit. We need to hear good news. We need that shot of positivity in the arm each day; it’s good for us. In Tired of All the Bad News Bryan Shortall, a Capuchin priest working in Dublin, shares some homilies he has preached, blogs he has posted, and stories he has heard along the way, to bring a bright and positive message to the reader.

Fr Bryan gives us a superb insight into the lessons he has learned through the selflessness of his parishioners, the words spoken ‘out of the mouths of babes’, and a close examination of the gospel message. As Bryan himself says, ‘while we can’t blind our eyes to the struggles of people, of families, of communities, it’s important to listen for the sounds of good news that emerge too.’ This little book is his way of helping to bring that good news into the light.

Fr Bryan Shortall OFM.Cap. was born in Dublin in October 1969. He joined the Capuchin order in 1987 and was ordained to the priesthood in 1997. He graduated with an MA in School Chaplaincy from Mater Dei/DCU in 2004. He has worked in various ministries to date, including school and hospital chaplaincy, and local leadership in the Capuchin order. He is currently based in St Michan’s Parish, Halston Street. He is interested in history, art, music, politics, aviation, photography and Manchester United.

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