eBook How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice


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Michael Kelly and Austen Ivereigh


ISBN 9781782183464

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The Catholic Church in the 21st Century stands as one of the most controversial organisations in contemporary society. Counting more than 1.2billion adherents, to its critics it is out of touch and stuck in the past. Some of its teachings – often challenging – remain little understood and Catholics can often find themselves on the receiving end of a barrage of criticism. How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice answers some of the most common criticisms of Catholicism and helps Catholics and non-Catholics alike to understand where the Church is coming from on controversial topics like abortion, euthanasia, same-sex marriage and the use of condoms in the fight against HIV. It aims to reframe the debate to help people understand why the Church teaches what it does and equips Catholics to defend their beliefs in a calm and rational way.

Michael Kelly is Managing Editor of The Irish Catholic. He is a writer, broadcaster and public speaker on religious and social affairs.

Austen Ivereigh is a British writer, journalist and commentator, and co-founder of Catholic Voices, a communications project now in 20 countries. He is the author of the biography The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope.

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