eBook Harvesting Hope with Anthony de Mello


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John Callanan SJ

240 Pages

ISBN 9781782183211

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“I remember Tony de Mello saying that prayer was like a river, ‘it would flow’, he said, ‘there was no need to force it’. To judge by the numbers that attended his talks, workshops, and retreats, many people would love if their prayer flowed like a river. They wanted to know how it might happen. And I know many found a new liveliness in their prayer, a new closeness to God, when they used some of the different methods he suggested or learned how to relax before prayer and be attuned to God’s voice.” – John Callanan SJ

Harvesting Hope with Anthony de Mello looks at the areas of hope and fear which can come into our lives from the stresses and strains of our life today. How can we pray with faith in God’s goodness about hopes unfulfilled, about disappointments that threaten to crush individuals struggling, maybe, with failure and disillusionment? Using the wisdom of Anthony de Mello, one of the finest spiritual teachers of modern times, Fr John Callanan, an Irish Jesuit, outlines how to deal with these darker moments.

John Callanan SJ was taken by the different styles of meditation after attending a number of workshops given by de Mello. This led to his writing four books on the insights and prayer style of Anthony de Mello and he regularly gives retreats and talks about Eastern and Western style prayer. He is the author of The Spirit of Tony de MelloDreaming with Tony de MelloFinding Fire with Tony de Mello and Watering the Desert with Tony de Mello.