eBook Golden Steps to Inner Peace, Happiness & Enlightenment


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Mildred Ryan
ISBN 9781782182351

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This is a book of love, healing, wisdom and joy. It will transform your life and the lives of others.

Do you want to reach enlightenment in this lifetime? The opportunity is available to you. There are many levels of enlightenment, and this book focuses on the levels you can achieve in this lifetime. It will guide you on your journey to enlightenment, outlining the golden steps you can take to achieve your goal.

This is a book for everyone, whatever your religion or beliefs. It contains universal truths which you can apply to all areas of your life, to enhance your own spiritual practice. Love is the central theme – loving yourself, others and our planet Earth.

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Mildred Ryan is the founder of Wisdom of the Heart, a School of Enlightenment and Sacred Sound Healing. She is also a Principal Teacher of the Diana Cooper Foundation, an international school of light-workers. Mildred is an international spiritual teacher and receives many invitations to share her wisdom at workshops and conferences around the globe.