Doing Christianity


How religion is about what you do, not what you believe
Paul Higginson
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ISBN 9781782183976

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Christianity is less about believing in certain things and more about doing the right things. Believing in the creeds, catechisms and doctrines, or going to church every week, will only take us so far, and count for little if we fail to act with compassion. Jesus didn’t insist that his followers sign up to a belief system, rather he invited people to change their behaviour by embracing a gospel of love and forgiveness.

Christianity is something we do, and the Good News of Jesus is that everyone can be a Christian, even those who don’t consider themselves religious. In Doing Christianity Paul Higginson encourages us, in nine simple steps, to look afresh at the words of Jesus in the Gospel.

Jargon-free and full of practical steps you can apply each day, Doing Christianity can help to refresh your faith, deepen your relationships and give you a new sense of hope for the future of the Christian Gospel.

About the Author

Paul Higginson is a recently retired teacher and a catechist at the Sacred Heart Church in Bushey, UK. He is a regular contributor to the ‘Sunday Plus’ parish newsletter which is read by  thousands of Catholics in England and Wales each week. He also is an active volunteer for the charity Mary’s Meals.

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