Climate & Christ


A Prophetic Alternative
Edward Echlin
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Climate and Christ describes what climate change is and how it happens, and suggests ways in which ordinary people can help to mitigate it. It also describes the process of evolution and proposes that Christian ecology must henceforth integrate evolution.

A chapter on Jesus Christ discusses Jesus’ own ecology, from birth to resurrection, including the ‘agrarian’ Jewish ethos which he inherited and lived in his own alternative itinerant lifestyle, preparing and preaching the kingdom. A final chapter makes suggestions for our own ‘prophetic alternative’ lifestyles inspired by Christ. This includes the principles of local sustainability, and an agrarian economics not predicated on everlasting ‘growth’, because we have reached the end of earth’s biocapacity. We henceforth need alternative lifestyles of quality, earth care, and sharing.

About the Author

Edward P. Echlin is an ecological theologian, writer and lecturer in eco-theology, and partly self-sufficient alternative lifestyle. He is an Honorary Research Fellow in Theology, University College of Trinity and All Saints, Leeds; and Visiting Scholar, Sarum College, Salisbury. Dr Echlin grows organic fruits and vegetables at Bexhill, East Sussex. He is the author of many books, including The Cosmic Circle, Jesus and Ecology (Columba Press, 2004).

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