Cancer – A Circle of Seasons


Anne Alcock
196 Pages
ISBN 9781782183181

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Anne Alcock writes….”How do you go through all the “stuff” that life throws up for you? Do you talk? Do you walk, Do you draw? Do you journal? Do you pray? Do you look for a book? When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I did all of those things, and this book was my way of bringing it altogether and maybe helping anyone who would also like to journal and reflect creatively about their own life-experiences. Anything. Not just illness.. Even in the midst of family and friends, many journeys have to be taken alone, and as someone living on her own, I have always found writing prayers to a companioning God, very helpful. These prayers are included, alongside actual diary entries and journaling questions for the reader… I wish you peace, I wish you hope… Life is always for living…..”

About the Author

Anne Alcock, MA, MBACP has roots in Ireland, UK, and Madeira, and spent her childhood in Africa. After some time in London, as a Dominican Missionary sister, she returned to lay life, and has now lived in Ireland for over 30 years. She is a well-known spiritual director, and retreat facilitator. A whole-person-consultant, psychotherapist, stress-management facilitator and author, her previous books include Texts and Tips for Spiritual Directors, Woman in Search of Wholeness, Turning Aside to Hear, and Praying with the Cave of the Heart.

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