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Praying with St Luke
Albert McNally
200 Pages
ISBN 9781856076517

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This is a workbook for study, either alone or in groups, of the gospel of St Luke. It offers 21 sessions based on quotations from Luke. These sessions are to be used in a flexible way. There is nothing particularly important about the sequence of passages chosen, though the reflection on the Magnificat should always be used as a starter, unless participants are already familiar with the process. Neither is there anything particularly significant about the number of selections treated, three groups of seven passages. The number seven has good biblical vibrations, but there is no need to work through all the passages, or even a set of seven, at one time, and the author’s hope is that the method will encourage users to attempt to pray with other passages from St Luke. Lent and Advent are good times to begin. For the four Sundays of Advent, the sequence Magnificat, Annunciation, Nativity, Baptism may be used. In Lent the passion-resurrection selections are appropriate: six sessions may be chosen from the final seven. For the purpose of introducing people to guided prayer and lectio divina, a group leader may make a personal choice, and encourage participants to try others on their own.

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