Blessed Among Women


The Book of Mary
Peter de Rosa
208 Pages
ISBN 9781856074810

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Shrines to Mary all over the world attract more visitors nowadays than do Disneyland and Disneyworld combined. There was a time when a thousand plants and flowers were named after her, when the greatest buildings ever built in Europe, the French Cathedrals, were dedicated to her. Columbus sailed for the new world with his flag-ship named Sancta Maria, as if to say that the new world was hers to conquer too. This book is divided into two parts, Devotion and Reflection. In part one, the author invites the reader to dip in and out looking for a favourite prayer, poem or hymn. Some poems, dating back over a thousand years have been newly translated, others have been written especially for this book. There are chapters on Mary’s many titles, on the Rosary, on the way Ireland has stayed faithful to this great Marian devotion and helped it spread from the old world to the Americas. Another chapter deals with the many Black Madonnas which have been preserved in Catholic churches and cathedrals. In part two the author illustrates how Mary is honoured not only among Catholics like St Francis of Assisi and Cardinal Newman but among Orthodox Christians of the East. It may surprise many readers that she is revered, too, by great Protestants like Martin Luther, as well as by Muslims, beginning with the Prophet Mohammed. A wonderful collection and ideal gift for all who share a devotion to Mary.

About the Author

Peter de Rosa is an author of international repute. Among his best-sellers are Rebels: the Irish Rising of 1916 and Vicars of Christ. Under the name of Neil Boyd, he wrote the popular TV series Bless Me, Father and a moving novel about the early Life of Jesus called The Hidden Years.

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