Becoming the Presence of God


Contemplative Ministry for Everybody
Michael Ford
ISBN 9781782182344

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‘The contemplative life is everybody’s business’ (Sister Maria Boulding from Becoming the Presence of God).

Not all of us can be monks or nuns but many of us still yearn to deepen our relationship with God while supporting others through the vicissitudes of life. Wherever we find ourselves on the spiritual map, Becoming the Presence of God encourages us to become contemplatives in the world at large.
Every person of faith is called in their own way not only to care for others but also to become the presence of God for them; but this is not always claimed as a vocation because the Church seems to have lost the contemplative heart from which all authentic ministry flows.

Michael Ford guides us through the process of becoming the presence of god by sharing his own joys and struggles, as well as introducing us to the galaxy of people he has met on his travels and through his years of work with he BBC; beginning with Eamonn Andrews on the set of This is Your Life and including an Irish banker rebuilding his personal life after a painful separation, a daughter who cared for her mother living with Alzheimer’s, and a Protestant wife and a Catholic mother who offered a ministry of hope to others after being tragically affected by sectarian violence in Northern Ireland.

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