As We Believe So We Pray


A Book of Daily Prayer
Brian Mayne
80 Pages
ISBN 9781856074162

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As We Believe So We Pray contains convenient, compact and constructive ways of praying in harmony with the church. Forms of prayer based on scripture are presented for twelve weekdays. These are focused on phrases from the Apostles’ Creed. There are also three forms focusing on Irish saints, holy communion, and on the expression, ‘in sickness and in health’. Drawing to a large extent on the 2004 edition of The Book of Common Prayer, each form has a prayer of penitence, a psalm, bible reading, and canticle, with suggestions for intercession and thanksgiving.

About the Author

Brian Mayne was born in Belfast. He graduated in history from Queen’s University in 1955 and trained for ordination at Trinity College, Dublin. He is the editor of the 2004 edition of The Book of Common Prayer. His memoir Changing Scenes was published in 2003.

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