And Catch the Heart Off Guard


Brian D’Arcy
ISBN 9781782182566

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Fr D’Arcy reaches out to people to share something of his deep faith and his conviction of the boundless love of God. He speaks to people of faith and people of none, for what he has to say speaks to the heart and the great human longing for acceptance and love. Always a man blessed with the common touch, he speaks in ordinary, everyday language because he understands the value of clear communication.

Though this book is quintessentially D’Arcy, in that it offers a collection of thoughts, reflections and stories from the heart, it is hoped that these thoughts and reflections will continue to both challenge and comfort the reader. As we can see different things in a piece of writing depending on our mood or frame of mind on any given day, one reading will not exhaust what this book has to offer.

About the Author

Fr Brian D’Arcy is a weekly columnist for the Sunday World and a former radio presenter for BBC Northern Ireland. He serves as a Passionist Priest at Tobar Mhuire and his most recent of three books with Columba Books is the bestseller Gold Collection.

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