A World Alight with Splendour


Our Human Experience of the Holy Spirit
Peter Hannan SJ
208 Pages
ISBN 9781856076319

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This book is about the Holy Spirit. While we might believe that the Spirit is the most unreal, mysterious and remote of the three persons of the Trinity, this book contends that the Spirit is perhaps the most intimate and practical of the three, the one most deeply involved in our daily lives. To explain why this is so the author looks at two worlds we live our lives in, an outer and an inner one. The outer world is a hostile environment where there is a lot of emphasis on hatred and violence, on hostility and the breakdown of relationships; it is a world that is often unseemly and sad. The inner world is the caring environment our families and friends form for us by the ways they care for us and we for them. If we do not allow its shortcomings to dominate our vision of it, this is a world of good relationships where we find much beauty and joy. To our outer world what this book says about the Spirit will appear unrealistic. In terms of our inner world, however, of the caring environment our families and friends provide for us and of the love, beauty and the joy we generally find in this environment, this book will, I hope, make a lot of sense and be an inspiration.

Peter Hannan SJ has written eight books on the theme of passion of the Father, of Jesus and of the Holy Spirit to reveal themselves to us. All eight have been published by Columba Press.

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