A Flavour of Kylemore Abbey


With photographs by Valerie O’Sullivan


150 pp

ISBN 9781782183334


Between the wild ruggedness of the Connemara woodland and the powerful and intense Atlantic Ocean in the West of Ireland lies the enchanting Kylemore Abbey and Victorian Walled Garden.

The Benedictine community have made it their home since 1920 and today Kylemore Abbey is one of Ireland’s best loved and most iconic visitor attractions. The Benedictine nuns are renowned for their delicious home-cooked food and delectable baked goods, available in the Abbey restaurant and tea rooms. The nuns have also started to make and sell their own chocolate now!

A cookbook with a twist, along with the Kylemore nun’s unique recipes, this book gives an exclusive glimpse into one of Ireland’s most intriguing estates, beautifully documented by award-winning photographer Valerie O’Sullivan.

About the Authors

John O’Toole is head chef at Mitchell’s Café in Kylemore Abbey. Originally from Moyard, John has a professional career spanning decades bringing top quality food to diners in Connemara.
John plans to modernise some of the Benedictine nuns’ recipes: ‘The nuns’ recipes are timeless classics,’ John said. ‘I’ll be looking at them with a fresh approach and some may be modernised with new twists over the summer.’

Marguerite Foyle is the Manager at the Kylemore Abbey since May 2015.

Valerie O’Sullivan is a photographer and media provider, based in Killarney. She covers a wide range of events in the Public Relations, Press, Tourism and Outdoor Sectors. A winner of many national awards in the Press Photographs Association of Ireland competition.

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