5 Years to Save the Irish Church


Mary McAleese, Fr Mark Patrick Hederman, Fr Brian D’Arcy, Sr Stan Kennedy, Fr Joe McDonald
ISBN 9781782183518


The Irish Church is dying, but some of Columba Books’ most well-known authors have a formula for saving it. Including speeches from the 5 Years to Save the Irish Church Conference hosted by Columba Books in May 2018, this book offers readers the sage wisdom of five committed Catholics and their advice on how to rejuvenate the modern Irish Catholic Church.

Sr Stan encourages readers to remember the original teachings of Jesus, who advocated for kindness and hospitality in the Church community. Fr Joe McDonald believes that women are the force that will be the Church’s saving grace, and Mary McAleese urges the Church to reconsider the way it asks children to participate in religion. Combining some of the most prolific Catholic voices of our time, this book offers a game plan to revive the Irish Church and help it transition into a more honest and open Church.

About the Authors

Mary McAleese is a former President of Ireland and currently devotes herself to the study of canon law.

Fr Mark Patrick Hederman is a Benedictine monk and former Abbott of Glenstal Abbey with a background in education.

Fr Brian D’Arcy is a Passionist priest and long-time newspaper columnist whose writing focuses on the Gospel in modern-day life.

Sr Stan Kennedy has founded a number of charitable initiatives in Dublin and frequently writes about meditation and spirituality.

Fr Joe McDonald is a Dublin priest with a passion for the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.

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