Knock Shrine launches first ever prayer book

Knock Shrine launches first ever prayer book

Just in time for Pope Francis’ official visit next month, Ireland’s National Marian Shrine in Knock, Co. Mayo, has launched its first ever exclusive collection of prayers.

The beautiful Knock Prayer Book is a collection of brand new prayers composed by Fr Richard Gibbons, rector at Knock Shrine for over five years, and carefully chosen traditional prayers that are firm favourites with pilgrims.

Knock Prayer Book by Fr Richard Gibbons rector of Knock ShrineIllustrated by stunning images capturing life at Knock Shrine, these prayers have a special affinity to Our Lady and the story of Knock, as well as to what Knock means to all the pilgrims, visitors, volunteers and parishioners that make up its story.

The Knock Prayer Book was launched on Saturday in St John’s Rest & Care Centre by Archbishop Michael Neary, who described the collection as a “thoughtful, awe-inspiring and encouraging” book in which Fr Gibbons had brought “all his pastoral experience to bear in composing the prayers”.

“The advantage of this book of prayers is that it is manageable, most readable and not just prayers but inspiration to future prayer…It sets the agenda for prayer,” Archbishop Neary said.

Fr Gibbons has used his own personal knowledge and experience of living and working in Knock to bring together a collection of prayers for different times and needs, from Novena prayers to prayers for workers, family, healing, nature and even dogs.

This compact book is an essential resource for anyone who has been or wishes to go to Knock Shrine, or who is simply looking for guidance in moments of contemplation. Not only is the book a stunning representation of both the visual and spiritual aspects of the shrine, it is also an accessible guide for all to help them along the pilgrim road of life.

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