The lives that moulded the Church

The lives that moulded the Church

Remember the people who have shaped and left a legacy in the Irish faith with these 5 books:


mary aikenhead coverFriend of the Poor: Mary Aikenhead by Rosaleen Crossan

This book reflects on the extraordinary life of Mary Aikenhead who founded the Religious Sisters Charity. Her vision established a goal towards access to healthcare, literacy, and opportunity for Ireland’s poor community that reverberated into a “global vision”. Crossan compiles a narrative for Mary’s life: who she was, who she became, her commitment to the work of God and how her legacy left an impression in Ireland from the nineteenth century to now.

Price €12.99


Let Nothing Trouble You by Eugene McCaffreyLet Nothing Trouble You-0

Let Nothing Trouble You is in dedication to the life of  St Teresa of Avila. Her influence was through her writing that shared her humanity with the world. McCaffrey uses her works, meditations and stories, in addition to biographical information, to tell her story. The book includes works like “Let Nothing Trouble You” and “Ask and You Shall Receive” that show her versatility in communicating her love for God. She not only affected the church in the sixteenth century, but has set a legacy in the current.

Price €9.99

Pope Francis In Ireland CoverPope Francis in Ireland by Columba Books

In 2018 Pope Francis came to Dublin for the World Meeting of Families. It was the first papal visit in almost 40 years, with a full itinerary for the Pope from meeting with abuse survivors and the homeless to events such as the Festival of Families and Mass. This book includes photos and facts on the major event– its history, its preparation, and its overall effect on Ireland. This book is great for people wanting to learn about the man behind the momentous event that brought Ireland together, with photos to allow you to relive each moment.

Price €20.99

Martin Luther: His challenge then and now by P. Finton LyonsCover of Martin Luther

Lyons writes about the history, life and aftermath of the event when Martin Luther boldly brought attention to issues in the church by nailing 95 Theses to their door. This book analyzes the relationship he had with the church and the Vatican then, and what it would be in present time. Martin Luther doubles as a memoir and critical analysis of Luther’s message: a Christian faith must be led by the Bible that has all the answers and not solely the church leaders.

Price €14.99


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