Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Faithful

Christmas Stocking Fillers for the Faithful

Christmas is here and the annual tradition of gifting and filling up stockings is alive and well! But the birthday of Christ does not have to be all about consumerism, and you can try and make your gifts more thoughtful, more eco-friendly, and even more educational.

Columba Books has a range of ‘little’ books that are sure to make a cherished gift for a loved one who wouldn’t judge based on size. These books would fit snugly into any Christmas stocking this season, and may be more appreciated in the long run than your main intended gift!


A Little Book of Saint Faustina: Apostle of Divine Mercy

By Don Mullan

A Little Book of Saint Faustina is a short and comprehensive read on the life of Sister Faustina, a young, uneducated nun in a convent of the Congregation of Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in Poland during the 1930s. She received extraordinary revelations — or messages — from our Lord Jesus which she compiled into notebooks.  These notebooks are known today as the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska, and the words contained within are God’s loving message of Divine Mercy.

Though the Divine Mercy message is not new to the teachings of the Church, Sr. Faustina’s Diary sparked a great movement, and a strong and significant focus on the mercy of Christ.  Saint John Paul II canonized Sr. Faustina in 2000 making her the “first saint of the new millennium.”

A Little Book of Saint Faustina: Apostle of Divine Mercy conveys the message of St. Faustina through beautiful, inspiring, and simple quotations taken selectively from her writings.



A Little Book of Thérèse of Lisieux

By Don Mullan

A Little Book of Thérèse of Lisieux captures in a simple format the very essence of the Little Flower. The quotations gathered here from Thérèse’s writings and sayings provide a profound insight into the saint’s thinking, thus offering the reader food for thought and substance for prayerful reflection. Of particular attraction to the reader is the fact that many of the quotations have been selected by members of the wider Carmelite family.

Attractive both in content and format, A Little Book of Thérèse of Lisieux has the ability to profoundly challenge and change lives.



A Light to the World – Reflections from Kylemore Abbey

By The Abbess and Community, Kylemore Abbey

A 160 years ago, Mitchell Henry conceived the vision of Kylemore Castle and dedicated his life and fortune to creating a beautiful home for his family and friends against a stark beauty of barren mountains, bogs and lakes.

60 years later, a community of Benedictine nuns (the Irish Dames of Ypres) moved into Kylemore. In the course of a 100 years, the castle has become a Benedictine monastery, an abbey, its life imbued with the ancient Christian traditions of prayer, meditation, hospitality and generous service, especially of women of the region.

This book reflects the prayer of the nuns throughout the year, as they follow the unfolding liturgical cycle, parallel to the seasons. Evocative photographs are accompanied by a selection of psalms so the reader can truly experience the beauty that is Kylemore Abbey.

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Glendalough – History, Monuments & Legends

By George McClafferty

Glendalough is the most celebrated of the valleys in the Wicklow Mountains, a combination of outstanding natural beauty and a very important early ecclesiastical site. The monastery was founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin, and this book takes a look at his life and outlines the story of Glendalough.

The famous pilgrimage, or pattern, which was an important annual event up until the mid-19th century, is discussed and there is also a section on the fascinating legends associated with the Saint. Most importantly, this book acts as a detailed guide to the monuments both on the main site and also in the area near the Upper Lake. Whether you are a recreational visitor or a pilgrim to Glendalough, this book will prove the ideal companion.

The book is illustrated throughout with a set of magnificent photographs.

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