Celebrate World Book Day with Columba Books!

Celebrate World Book Day with Columba Books!
For many, reading is not just a hobby, it is a passion and an adventure on it’s own. We love publishing books for our readers and we strive to publish a variety of books every year. In case you missed them, here are our bestselling titles from last year:
Glenstal Abbey: Through the Seasons features photos by award-winning photographer Valerie O’Sullivan and words by the elusive Glenstal monks themselves. Peer into their lives over the course of a year and understand a monk’s life like never before!
Sending Positive Vibes by Fr Bryan Shortall is a nostalgic walk through the early years of Fr Bryan’s life growing up in Dublin, his years at the Capuchin Day Centre with Br Kevin Crowley, his daily parish life, and more. Highly readable, the book gives a positive insight into the daily rigours of a priest’s life and to see the city of Dublin through his kind eyes leaves the heart warm and full of positive vibes!
Dancing to my Death is the last book by prolific author Daniel O’Leary who pens his battle with the devil of Cancer and how it takes a toll not just on his physical health, but also his mental and spiritual health. Journey this perilous road of pain and suffering with Fr Daniel as he loses, then regains his faith at different stages of the battle. A tough read, it imparts invaluable lessons.
Early Irish Saints by John J Ó Ríordáin C.Ss.R is an engaging read with 14 short essays on the lives and teachings of the most popular of Irish saints. From St Brigid to St Patrick, Fr Ó Ríordáin presents an informative and helpful commentary on beloved saints who were kept alive by the stories of traditional faith and insights of the people for over a millennium.
Happy reading!