‘Awakening Inner Peace’ reviewed in The Irish Catholic

‘Awakening Inner Peace’ reviewed in The Irish Catholic

Awakening Inner Peace by Sr Stan, reviewed by Peter Costello

Changing the way we live, an hour at a time

This little book, harking back to the pre-Reformation books of hours, though it lacks illustrations, might be called ‘the very rich hours’ of Sr Stanislaus. Certainly her intention, like those ancient books, is to enrich the daily prayer life of her readers, refocusing them into not only developing spiritual awareness, but an awareness that connects with daily life, hour by hour.

Her regular books have always been popular, especially at Christmas time. This is due partly to her own admirable character, but also to the ideas, prayers and readings she brings before her numerous readers.

This is a book for quiet hours as well. How well some will recall our teachers of old seizing those moments between classes to read their breviary.

Awakening Inner Peace Cover

This provides the same small passages to mark the canonical hours, followed by a reflection. It will not take as long as the breviary did; but it will give to the passing day its little moments of benign sanctification.

This is an ideal companion to Sr Stan’s earlier books, Mindful Meditations for Every Day and Sr Stan’s Book of  Inspiration.

She is an amazing woman. One has to ask where does she find the time;  but she does, and makes every moment of her day and night count for something.

November 2018

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